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You see them in all shapes and sizes. A closed terrarium is a kind of mini ecosystem. The plants in it live on recycled oxygen, water and nutrients. That’s super cool right? We believe that at PLNTS too. We have highlighted our best terrarium plants for you.

Self-sufficient system

A closed terrarium does not need anything from the outside except for light. This is how it works. Before the glass jar is closed, water is added. This water will evaporate and drips like condensation down the bottle back into the earth. The roots can easily absorb it this way. Dry leaves of the Terrarium plants will be converted into nutrients that end up in the soil. The plants get nutrition from this. This self-sufficient system keeps the plants alive for years. If you like plants but don’t have such green fingers, you and the terrarium are the perfect match!

Make your own!

It is very easy to make your own terrarium. You can use almost anything for this: a glass jar, vase, bulb or bottle. As long as you can close the object well and the opening is not too small. You must of course be able to place the plants in it. This is what you need:

  • Glass object with cap or cork
  • Hydro grains, pebbles, soil or coarse stones
  • Handful of active charcoal. This prevents mold in your plant terrarium
  • Potting soil
  • Moss
  • BabyPLNTS! Plants that function well in a moist environment. Such as:

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