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    Jonny from @TheBeardedPlantAholic has hand picked his favourite plants for this box! We've teamed up to launch this box full of green goodness! In this small box, you will find 3 baby plants and 1 medium plant, let’s dive into it!

    • Baby Anthurium Warocqueanum
      The Queen Anthurium, in the cutest version you will ever see! The Warocqeanum is a true showstopper in any size, and will make sure to capture the eye with its magnificent leaves!
    • Baby Philodendron Ring of Fire
      Coming in hot, the Baby Philodendron Ring of Fire. A truly amazing plant, with frayed leaf edges, and pretty variegated leaves where you will find colours ranging from green to flaming orange!
    • Baby Monstera Thai Constellation
      The highly sought after and rare Monstera Thai constellation couldn’t miss from this amazing curated box. The variegation is absolutely stunning and stable, who wouldn’t fall for that?
    • Medium Senecio Rowleyanus Variegated
      The plant that will cover your urban jungle in variegated pearls, the Senecio Rowleyanus Variegated. This variegated version of the String of Pearls adds another dimension of pretty to your ever growing plant collection!

    Would you like to find out more about these stunners? Visit our landingpage, here Jonny will explain everything you need to know about your brand new green babies!

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!