Terrazzo Planter DIY Kit

Baby Terrazzo Planter DIY Kit

Ø 7 cm


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  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
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About this pot

Get yourself ready for one of your cutest projects ever: a homemade pot for your green babies. With this DIY kit, you get to work with plaster, colours of pigments, a pot mould (which you have to make yourself) and everything else you need to make your own pot. And not just any pot, a terrazzo pot. What makes terrazzo making the most fun is experimenting with all the colours, there are five colours in the kit: white, black, red, blue and yellow but there is also a colour wheel with the instructions so you can make any colour you want. It's a project with a 3-hour fun duration, you don't need any experience and everything is included:

- 560g powder (plaster)
- 280g liquid (resin, solvent-free so safe to use & environmentally friendly)
- 4x non-stick & washable mixing trays
- 4x spatulas, short
- 5x pigments (white, black, yellow, magenta & blue)
- Sealing materials (10g) to finish your objects
- 4x waterproof sandpaper (roughness 80 2x, 320 1x and 600 1x)
- 1x non-adhesive paper (baking paper)
- 1x microfibre cloth
- a unique system to make your own 3D planter box shape
- 1x card with url link to your online tutorial

  • Diameter7cm
  • Height9.5cm

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Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!