Pablo Basket Jute Grey Blue

Ø 18 cm


Pablo Basket Jute Grey Blue
Pablo Basket Jute Grey Blue€12.45
Ø 18 cm

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plants for this pot size:

Sansevieria Futura Superba
Pachira Aquatica
Calathea Makoyana
Deliciosa Monstera
Philodendron Paraiso Verde
    about this pot

    Who doesn't like a natural pot to put your plants in? We certainly do. Every urban jungle needs a natural touch and jute baskets are the perfect complement. Do this with Pablo, it comes in three sizes, three types and three colors: grey blue, cream and dark brown. This corner, that plant or that one king-size plant? Pablo will help you. The pot has a diameter of 18 centimetres and a height of 16 centimetres, perfect for small to large-sized plants!

    • diameter18cm
    • height16cm

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!