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Alocasia Jacklyn

Looking like it comes straight out of a fairytale, the Alocasia Jacklyn. Its extraordinary leaf shape and texture is what enchants pretty much every PLNTSlover out there. She is quite rare and has managed to win her spot on the wishlist of many plant collectors already. She really stands out from her family members, since they all do not necessarily match the looks of the Alocasia Jacklyn.


- Fun fact! Talking about fairytales, the Alocasia plants are seen as the trees that grow up to the sky. Kind of like in the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. This has to do with the fact that they can become quite huge, pretty cool right?

This rare gem was discovered in Indonesia, where it is thought to be a mutation from the Alocasia Portei. The name Jacklyn comes from the lady who discovered this species, which must be a big honor for her to have named such a special plant after her.

Alocasia Jacklyn

care guide

The Alocasia are known to be rather easy to care for, when you grow them under the right conditions. Which is not always easy to provide them with. So know that this plant can be a bit challenging at first.

You can start with picking the perfect spot for her, this would be somewhere where she can receive lots of bright indirect light. Near an east facing window would be perfect, since she can benefit from the soft morning sun on her foliage. Any window with more light exposure is also fine, just make sure she isn’t placed too close to the window, since that might cause her fairytale like foliage.

- Expert tip! If you have a darker spot in your urban jungle that you would like to place this beauty in, you can always add a grow light. Not only is this super effective, but it can also look quite stylish. You can buy one with a full fitting, like the Leah Grow Light. Or you can buy any lamp fitting and place a grow light bulb in there. This will make sure your Alocasia Jacklyn is provided with plenty of light!


Next on your to do for your Alocasia Jacklyn is to mix her an airy soil mix. You can use our aroid potting mix kit, since this contains lots of substrates that will make her more than comfortable.

When it comes to watering your Alocasia, you should really observe the plant in how much and how frequently you have to give her some water. This has to do with the fact that the surroundings it is growing have an effect on how the soil holds moisture. The golden rule is to only provide your Alocasia with water when the top of the soil is starting to feel dry. Depending on the humidity and temperature this can increase or decrease. So stick your finger in the soil on a regular basis and you should be fine!

- Fun fact! Have you ever heard of a crying Alocasia? Well this is spotted on Alocasia’s often and luckily it is perfectly normal! Even a sign that your Alocasia is very healthy. This is called ‘guttation’, if you would like to know more about this topic, you can read this blog: What is guttation?

Talking about the humidity, try to keep it around 60%. Also make sure to not let the temperature drop below 18 degrees and not above 30 degrees. Anywhere between these temperatures your Alocasia will be comfortable. Also keep it out of any cold draughts.


Alocasia Jacklyn

You can propagate your Alocasia Jacklyn by division or by looking for tubers and growing these separately. The tubers grow around and in the root ball of mature Alocasia. You may have found one during repotting your Alocasia. If you have been lucky and have managed to find one, or more, you can try to grow them out to a new plant. This is how you do it:

Step 1

Once you have found a bulb attached to the roots of your Alocasia, you can cut it off with clean shears.


Step 2

Now you can start with removing the outer layer of the bulb. You can do this by soaking them in lukewarm water, the outer layer should be pretty easy to remove afterwards. The colour underneath is a creamy colour.

Step 3

Moisten some sphagnum moss and place it in either a tupperware box, with a matching lid. A grow house with pot and saucer, or any other deeper pot with some plastic wrap will also work. As long as the environment can be closed off for your developing bulb.

Step 4

Place your bulb inside the sphagnum moss with the right side down. This will be the side that was attached to the roots of the mother plant. Then you can cover the tuber with some more moist sphagnum moss.

Step 5

Put the lid on your tupperware container, or any other growing tools you are using. Place it where it will receive bright indirect light. If you are lucky you will see sprouts appear in a few weeks. Keep in mind that these tubers are prone to rot, so if you are unsuccessful the first time, don’t give up and try again. :)

Frequently asked questions

about Alocasia Jacklyn

Is the Alocasia Jacklyn rare?

This beautiful Alocasia species is quite rare. You will not find it in any ordinary plant shop, even though it has become more available.

Is the Alocasia Jacklyn hard to grow?

This really depends on how well you have prepared the environment for your Alocasia. Under the right circumstances, it shouldn’t be too hard to grow this plant successfully. Although it is known that some PLNTSparents just have a little bit more feeling for Alocasia care, than others. Just don’t give up and reach out for help when you need it!

How big does the Alocasia Jacklyn get?

Under the perfect conditions, your Alocasia Jacklyn might reach a height of 1.5 metres! That is pretty large if you ask us!

What do I notice when my Alocasia Jacklyn gets too much light?

You might notice scorching. Too much light will cause sunburn-like symptoms.

Does the Alocasia Jacklyn go dormant?

Let’s say it is not unusual for the Alocasia Jacklyn to go dormant in wintertime. You might notice stunted growth, or no growth at all. Adjust your care accordingly.

What are the most common pests on the Alocasia Jacklyn?

Keep a close eye on any spider mites, scale or mealybugs that might appear on your Alocasia. It is also sensitive to root rot, so make sure she won’t be left standing in a puddle with her roots.


Buy Alocasia Jacklyn

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!