Tessy Pot Rustic Brown

Ø 9.5 cm

Tessy Pot Rustic Brown
Baby Tessy Pot Rustic Brown£21.82
Ø 9.5 cm

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plants for this pot size:

Monstera obliqua
Polly Variegated
Alocasia Frydek Variegata
    About this pot

    Sustainable, durable and beautiful, that is everything our Tessy is. She is handcrafted by women in Sri Lanka as a fair trade project. They make her from paper, which is reinforced with a concrete layer on the outside and made waterproof with a natural latex layer on the inside. Crafty, right? This pot is shaped uniquely, it’s shaped like an upside down kite. Tess is tall with a height of 20 centimeters and a diameter of 10,5 centimeter (inner size). All our BabyPLNTS will match this gorgeous pot, but you have to fill up the Tessy with either soil, hydro grains or any other substrate of choice. This will make sure your green bay will not fall down the pot. Did we mention she comes in three different colours? A light brown, rustic brown and grey colour. One thing is sure, that Tessy will look absolutely stunning inside your urban jungle!

    • Diameter9.5cm
    • Height20cm

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!