Stormur Scented Candle Rapeseed

Stormur Scented Candle Rapeseed

50 burning hours


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    About this product

    This is scented candle Stormur from The Very Good Candle Company. Like a strong Nordic guy who can stand every type weather. It is a beachy smell of a refreshing ocean breeze with mossy aromas and some mint and eucalyptus. The maker of these candles loves music festivals and Stormur is inspired by the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik.

    Stormur is a hand-poured with natural rapeseed wax, has a cotton wick and he is scented with essential oils and paraben free botanical fragrances. This guy gives you hours of joy of his scent cause he burns for 45 to 50 hours! And when you fall in love with him, he has a cute little brother as well with the same ocean breeze scent.

    Colour: white
    Scent: orange & oakmoss (top), seaweed & eucalyptus (heart), spruce (base)
    Scent strength: strong
    Dimensions: 5,5 cm x 4,5 cm
    Ingredients: 100% natural rapeseed wax, essential oils, paraben free-botanical fragrances, cotton wick
    Burning hours: 45-50
    Eco-friendly, vegan & plant-based

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!