Rosie Speckled Leggy Pot Ceramic

Ø 8 cm

Baby Rosie Speckled Leggy Pot Ceramic£6.08
Ø 8 cm

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plants for this pot size:

Woodii Variegata
Adansonii Monstera
Alocasia Frydek
Fittonia Verschaffeltii
Prostrata Peperomia
    about this pot

    These cute Rosie pots are a true addition to your home. Rosie is made of terracotta material which makes her really strong and robust. She has 3 tiny legs so she keeps herself firmly in place. The different colours of Rosie, crème, blush and brick, are perfect to combine with each other and will give your home a real Scandinavian touch. She is available in two sizes, S and M, so ideal for mixing and matching with cute BabyPLNTS or stunning medium sized plants.

    • diameter8cm
    • height9.5cm
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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!