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  • The largest range of baby plants
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  • 100% recyclable packaging materials

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    With the PLNTSparent kit you have everything you need to become the best plant parent! With all these products together in a cute customized PLNTS bag your plants will live a happily ever after! The bag is filled with PLNTS nutrition, rooting powder, clips and rings, pruning shears, water meter and a plant plug! The PLNTS nutrition will stimulate the growth of your plant, rooting powder will make your cuttings root better and the water meter measures your plants water level. Good tools for the general health of your plant. To make your beauty shine more, clips and rings help your plants grow in the right shape and with the pruning shears you can cut off a small branch, dry leaf or flower. And last but not least, a wooden PLNTS plug to name your plant. The PLNTSparent kit is great as a gift for a beginning plant parent, but actually very handy for every plant lover as these products are real must haves!

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!