Philodendron Malay Gold


Philodendron Malay Gold
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about this plant

The Philodendron Malay Gold is a rare tropical variation from the large Philodendron family which will fit in well if you have a preference for bold colours. This striking lady is very happy to spend her time in a beautiful hanging pot- choose a nice neutral pot, hang it in a rustic macrame hanger and you are ready to enjoy your new plant!

  • diameter13cm
  • height±35cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Philodendron Malay Gold is a relatively easy plant to care for. This plant prefers a partly shady spot, any direct sunlight must be avoided as this can make the color of this beautiful plant turn pale! Three to four hours of indirect sunlight per day is plenty. Furthermore, this plant grows best in a room with a slightly high humidity. A room with a lower humidity will also suffice, however this will slow down the plant’s growth. The Malay Gold doesn’t need a lot of water, but like most plants it is important to keep its soil slightly moist. Do not overwater it however, this can cause root rot as well as browning of the leaves. Since this plant originates from the tropics it is also helpful to mist it every now and then. This keeps the Malay Gold happy and healthy and helps it maintain it’s beautiful yellow color.
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Rolena Pinero - 30 July 2022
This order was shipped during the heat wave so it arrived in poor condition, I just trimmed the leaves and wishful thinking this one will bounce back.
stephplantes - 21 July 2022
Très belle plante, plus jolie et plus grande que sur la photo! une belle suprise
Wilco Siemes - 09 December 2020
The plant arrived way bigger than I would've expected, It looks really healthy and the color is beautifull!!!

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!