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about this plant

Oh lord, such a beauty! The Philodendron ‘Dark Lord’ is a rare Philodendron variety that is known for her dark, pointy triangular leaves and striking red stems. This tropical plant is easy to grow and requires little care.

The most special thing about this gothy beauty is the colour progression of the leaves: new leaves unfurl in a deep orangey-red, but as she grows up, her leaves quickly darken to a red-ish bronze and finally harden off to a beautiful deep dark emerald green to almost black. The underside of the leaf has a stunning almost metallic, maroon colour.

The Dark Lord looks quite similar to other ‘royal’ Philodendrons, such as the Majesty and the Black Cardinal, but the leaves of the Dark Lord are more arrowhead-shaped and she has darker leaves than the other members of the Philodendron-family.

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