Pet Friendly Set

Pet Friendly Set
Pet Friendly Set£52.44

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    Our pet-friendly trio is completely non-poisonous so they are completely safe for cats, dogs and tiny humans who like to take a curious bite of your PLNTS. This means you no longer have to worry your furry friends will come too close. The Pet Friendly Set set includes 3 PLNTS and 3 matching plant baskets. These natural baskets are made from seaweed and have an inner plastic coating. Your 3 new green roommates are: Cocos nucifera (Coconut Palm) This charming Coconut Palm, or Cocos nucifera, really helps you bring in the tropical beach vibes! She grows out of a coconut and adores all things tropic. She is quite the thirsty type, thrives best in a cosy, warm spot with direct sunlight. Platycerium alicorne (Staghorn Fern) Th Phlatycerium aloco is nicknamed the staghorn fern because the foliage resembles a stag’s horn and spreads out like antlers. She thrives in bright, indirect or diffused light and likes to have a nice long bath once a week. Soak her in a sink with water until the roots are saturated. Areca lutescens (Areca Palm) Popularly known as the Butterfly Palm, the Areca Palm is tall palm with feather-like, pinnate leaves that look like bamboo. She loves bright, indirect sunlight. A lot of it, actually. She is easy to care for has strong air-purifying qualities."
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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!