Monstera Peru

Monstera Peru
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about this plant

The Monstera Peru is also known as the Karstenianum. She’s a fast grower and next to that, she is so pretty! She has oval shaped leaves in a deep green colour. The many veins that lie deeper, make her really unique. This results in a stunning relief on her foliage. Let your baby Monstera Peru shine by supporting her with a plant stake, making her climb sky high!

  • diameter6cm
  • height±12cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner

The Monstera Peru thrives great in indirect sunlight. Just like many plants, direct sunlight increases the chance of scorched leaves. She likes her soil to be moist, but don’t be to diligent in watering because this can cause permanent damage. To prevent this make sure that the first 2 cm of the top of the soil is dried out before you water her again. The Monstera Peru, also known as Karstenianum, originally comes from the tropical rainforests in Brasil. The humidity over there is very high and so she’d really appreciate to raise the humidity in house every now and then.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!