Philodendron Majesty


Philodendron Majesty

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about this plant
The Philodendron Majesty is one of the few Philodendron species that has very dark leaves. It’s a real climber that produces beautiful dark leaves as long as it receives enough light. As the plant matures the leaves turn into a dark green to chestnut brown color, depending on the amount of light they receive.
  • diameter13cm
  • height±20cm
  • lovesshady
  • benefitsair cleaner
soninka - 29 April 2021
I was a little hesitant before ordering this plant since it was't very high on my wishlist, but man I'm glad I did order it! It's huge and super dark, I would say much darker than the pictures. Unfurled a beautiful new leaf shortly after arriving. No lost leaves after shipping but two of them have cracks in the middle of the leaf and one of them as much as it can no longer hold its shape and looks kinda sad and droopy. Sad thing is that it's the biggest and youngest leaf (excluding the new unfurled one) so it would not look good to just cut it off. Overall very beautiful and healthy plant.
Anna - 06 November 2020
Absolutely stunning! Great, fast shipping and professional packing.

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!