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Lisa Pot Hanger
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    Decorate your wall with the Lisa Pot Hanger! Ideal when all possible spots for your plants are already taken, or simply to cheer up your wall. The Lisa Pot Hanger has a metal bracket so that it easily hangs on a screw. The wooden hanger is perfect for the Lisa (M) pot. As the Lisa pot is available in several colours, it is nice to switch the pot every now and then or to combine several wall hangers. There is also a Lisa Pot Hanger to let your BabyPLNTS shine. 3 Lisa (S) pots fit in this wall hanger, so make your wall a real eye-catcher with this cool Lisa Pot Hanger!

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    Robin Baldwin - 22 July 2022
    Looks nice on the wall. Just difficult to find the right plant that doesnt mind this pot because it take a bit longer for the plant to dry out

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