Hydnophytum Papuanum

Maze plant

Papuanum Hydnophytum

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about this plant
The Hydnophytum Papuanum is known as the 'maze plant’ because its oddly-shaped belly is full of secret tubes. In its tropical home it plays host to communities of ants which use these passageways to set up their homes! It naturally grows on the trunks and branches of bigger trees, harvesting water from their surfaces and feeding on the waste of the ant colonies that live inside it, creating an amazing circular relationship where the ants get a safe home and the plant gets food and protection! Luckily you don't have to expect a colony of ants when you buy this Hydnophytum, but a special origin it is.
  • diameter12cm
  • height±35cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Hydnophytum Papuanum doesn’t need a tree to grow on - she grows happily in a pot in your home - but she is used to being protected from the sun by the canopies of the trees above. This is why she’s happiest in a spot which is not too sunny. As a tropical plant Hydnophytum Papuanum loves moist soil, so water her twice a week (in winter you can reduce this to once a week). Always water directly into the potting soil to keep the trunk dry and prevent it from rotting. Give some organic PLNTS nutrition once a month in spring and summer to keep your Hydnophytum Papuanum happy!
Caiting Cao - 28 January 2021
It arrived in absolutely perfect condition, no damage at all, at it looks super healthy, a very unique plant, love it !!!
Melanie Rigaud Teepe - 15 January 2021
The plant is taller than expected and it arrived healthy. Better than what I was expecting, with great shipping and healthy plants!
Wilco Siemes - 09 December 2020
When I recieved the plant it was bigger than I expected and it looked very healthy!

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