Hoya Caudata Sumatra

Hoya Caudata Sumatra
Baby Caudata Sumatra£17.45

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about this plant

Another cute Hoya! She’s native to South-East Asia where she grows on super high trees. The leaves of the Hoya Caudata Sumatra are oval shaped and have a waxy texture. They have a deep green colour with silver patterns that look like paint splashes. You’ll be amazed once she starts flowering, because her flowers are soooo stunning. Even though they’re quite hairy, she has a light pink, almost white flower, with red, purplish centers. Make sure to capture that blooming moment, because the flowers only last for 3-4 days unfortunately. Luckily her pretty leaves are always present.

  • diameter2cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
  • pet friendlynon-toxic

This cutie likes to hang around in indirect filtered light, so morning or evening sun would be perfect for her! As for watering, she is a bit sensitive to overwatering, but which plant isn’t? But especially in a hanging basket it’s difficult to drain excess water. Of course a well-draining soil, such as our Epiphytes potting mix kit, would help! Check if the soil is dry so if she’s in need of a drink. Give her some time to absorb the water and of course be careful with wet feet. She loves high humidity levels from 60% - 80%, a real challenge indoors! But don’t worry, she is resistance to low humidity levels. If your Hoya doesn’t show any grow, then you have to make sure to increase the humidity around her. ;-)

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