Harvey Face Pot White

Ø 12.5 cm

Lisa Pot Terra
Harvey Face Pot White£69.93
Ø 12.5 cm

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Product review

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plants for this pot size:

Birkin Philodendron
    About this pot

    A pot that will put a smile on your face everyday, this is Harvey! Hehas a diameter of 12 centimeters and will make sure your medium PLNTS will look fantastic. Harvey has a bold design and is handmade with lots of love in a small aterlier. His little legs make him even more fun! Psst, she also has an adorable smaller brother. By pairing these together you will make sure your urban jungle will look even better!

    • Diameter12cm
    • Height17cm

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!