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    These dark days, your grow light and your plants are thicker friends than ever. Because no light, no growth. With this Grow Light DIY set, you can make your own cord for your (grow) lamp. It is a 2-metre-long cord with a wooden or black E27 fitting of your choice, a (euro) plug, cord switch and the Henry grow light bulbs. The kit is 2-pole and kept as simple as possible. Ready to get started?

    Step 1. Strip your cord. Determine the distance (3cm is enough). Stick a piece of tape on the spot and very carefully cut the centre of the tape through the outer sheath with a stripper, scissors or knife. Do you damage the power wires? Then start again a centimetre away. Remove the outer sheath (fabric sleeve). You will now see a blue and brown wire. 
    Step 2. Assemble your fitting. Twist the parts apart. Slide the strain relief, the socket sleeve and the top of the socket onto the stripped wire. Connect the inside of the socket. The blue wire goes into the N hole (neutral wire) and the brown wire goes into the L hole (phase wire). Make sure the brown wire (L) is always connected to the contact point in the middle. Use a screwdriver to open the contact points. Insert the power wires into the holes in the right places and tighten the screws firmly. Screw all parts of the socket together.
    Step 3. Assemble your plug. Strip the end of your cord. Open the plug by unscrewing the small screw on the outside completely. Inside the plug is a plastic bridge/plate. Loosen the screws so that you can turn the plate to the side. Loosen the screws on the contacts and insert the stripped part of the blue and brown wire. Tighten firmly again. Make sure you cannot pull the wires loose. Place the bridge over the wire and tighten the screws firmly. This will hold the wire securely in place. Put both (outer) parts of the plug back together and tighten the screw firmly.
    Step 4. Mount your cord switch. Determine the location of the cord switch. Place a piece of tape and cut your cord in the middle of the tape. Strip both sides of the cord. Open the cord switch by opening the screws at the back. Unscrew these screws completely so that you loosen the plates. Unscrew the 4 contact points in the middle a little so that the stripped copper wires can go in. Note! When inserting the copper wires, make sure that each colour sticks to 1 side. For blue, N1 goes to N2. For brown, L1 goes to L2. Screw the bridges back on (with the wire under the bridge) so that they clasp the wire. Put both parts of the switch back together and screw them on at the bottom. Done! :)

    Now all you have to do is screw in the bulb and give it a nice spot.

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    This set includes:

    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!