Elho Mila Oval Pot White

27 cm

Elho Mila Oval Pot White£7.83
27 cm

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plants for this pot size:

Calathea White Fusion
Anthurium Clarinervium
Philodendron Verrucosum
Carnosa Tricolor
Adansonii Monstera
    About this pot

    Do you have a crawling plant that wants to root outside its pot? It's not a must, but it really gives your plant much more comfort if it can do its thing further across the ground. An oval pot can help with that. At 27 centimetres long and 13 cm wide, it fits well with Baby or Medium PLNTS. Of course, the oval pot is not just for this type of plant, you can also put two Medium or three Baby plants next to each other in the pot. This way, you create a nice full and green spot in your home. The pot is waterproof and made of 100% recycled plastic. With its round soft shape, the oval pot fits perfectly into any interior. Tip: place a moss stick or plant support at the end of the pot so your plant can climb up after crawling.

    • Diameter14cm
    • Height13cm

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!