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Are you open to collaborations with influencers?
Definitely! We are always open to new collaborations. Send an email with your details (contacts, social accounts) to and let’s see what we can do for each other! If it is not a good time for us, we will always save your info for the future!
Can I keep my plant in water instead of soil?

Most of the varieties of plants that we sell do not thrive in water as they are soil-based species. However if you would like to try it (and it can work if you’re careful and conscientious) we advise that you keep a close eye on the plant and in particular watch out of any signs of rot in the root system.

Can I still change or cancel an order after it has been confirmed?

Due to a quirk of our ordering software it’s impossible to update orders once confirmed. If the order has not yet been shipped we can cancel it and re-enter it. Once it has shipped we can no longer cancel it. If you would like to change or cancel an order please contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out.

Can I still change the delivery address after placing my order?

If you find out that you have made a mistake when entering your delivery address, please quickly contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out. We can only adjust this for you if the order has not yet been shipped. Once it has left our greenhouse we cannot adjust it anymore, and you will have to contact the delivery company to resolve the issue.

Can the BabyPLNTS be replanted as soon as they arrive, and which pot and potting soil should I use for this?

Along with your order you will find a handy factsheet that explains step by step how to give your BabyPLNTS the best possible start in their new home. For the first growth phase of your BabyPLNTS it is important to use our specially-formulated cutting soil, which is engineered specifically to care for the delicate roots of baby plants. In our shop you can choose from a range of stylish BabyPLNTS pots. If you want to use a slightly larger pot go for it, but be careful how much water you give- larger pots often encourage overwatering. If you’re new to keeping plants we have designed a special set of terracotta pots which contains a suitable pot for each growth phase. You can find it in our online store.

Can you ship PLNTS to a home outside of Europe?

Despite a lot of interest it is unfortunately not yet possible for us to ship outside Europe because the journey is too stressful for our PLNTS and can cause them damage. Our team is working hard to find a way of packaging them safely to provide a solution for this, and as soon as we find a safe shipping method we will announce it on social media. Stay tuned!

Does the plug have to be removed from the plant before potting?

Please don’t try to remove the plug from your PLNT- just bury the whole thing like that. It’s 100% biodegradable, and as it breaks down it will provide valuable nutrients to help your PLNT grow strong. If you try to remove the plug you may damage the plant’s delicate roots.

Help! I think my plant is sick!

Oh no! The first thing to do is head to our website, where you’ll find a page titled PLNTS Doctor. There you can find a list of some of the more common problems that can affect plants, and ways to treat them. If your question is not answered by this page you can always make a doctor’s appointment via our website or send an email directly to our PLNTS Doctor! Send a photo of the plant to so that we can see what is wrong, and please include your order number in the email if you can. Hopefully we can help you further!

Help!! My plant has arrived damaged. What do I do now?!

That’s terrible news. Though, it sometimes happens, it’s always upsetting to hear. You’ve got a couple of options. 1. Take a look at the PLNTS doctor page and see if you can do anything at home to bring your plant back to life. 2. Alternatively, send an email, describing the nature of your issue and a picture of the broken order to

How can I pay?

On our website you can pay securely using iDeal, PayPal, credit/Visa cards, Bancontact, Sofort Banking, EPS and Giropay.

How can I track my order?

We ship all orders with a tracking link. You will automatically receive this link in your mailbox as soon as the order has been shipped. By clicking on this link you can keep a close eye on your package! If you have not received your PLNTS after 12 working days please contact our support team by emailing so that we can follow up.

How does a refund work?

Refunds are always sent to the same account and payment method with which the payment was received, and requires no additional information from you. It can take 1 to 7 days for the money to appear in your account again. If you have not received your refund after that time, please contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out.

How long does it take for me to receive my beautiful order?

It’s great to hear you are adding to your collection! Have no fear, we ship orders every day. In our ordering process you can see how much time it takes for your PLNTS to arrive at your home.

How long is the delivery time in The Netherlands and Belgium?

For The Netherlands and Belgium the shipping time is approximately 1 to 3 working days. If you have not received your PLNTS after 3 working days please contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out. Where possible please include the order number in your email so that we can help you extra quickly!

How often do you update your product catalogue?

We are continuously discovering and adding new plants and products on our online store. If you’d like to receive updates on new products and species, as well as styling tips and design inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram at @plnts_com and @babyplnts_com. And if your PLNTS are looking gorgeous, please post a pic and tag us- we love to see them in their new homes!

How will you ship my PLNTS to me?

Your plants will travel in eco-friendly style, fully protected by a specially-designed package made of 100% recycled PET made from drinks bottles and other plastics. To keep shipping as sustainable as possible we encourage you to recycle the blister packaging. This way our packaging gets a second, third or fourth life! Before shipping your PLNTS to you we will pack them securely in a sturdy cardboard box along with anything else you have ordered. This way your plants will arrive safely and sustainably.

I can’t wait to update my collection, are there any plans to add more products?

Certainly! We constantly have our ears to the ground, hoping to find new plants that meet our standards. Follow us on Instagram to get the latest community updates.

I have a question- how can I send it to your customer service team?

You can reach our support team on email at: Emma (or another PLNTS friend) should reply to you within 48 hours. In order to speed up our response to your question you can help us by writing your message in either Dutch or English, and adding your order number and a photo.

I have ordered PLNTS. How long till they arrive?

We dispatch orders every day from our greenhouse in The Netherlands, and your PLNTS should be with you within 3 to 12 working days depending on your location. If you have not received your PLNTS after 12 working days please contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out.

I have received the wrong plant or product. What should I do?

We are very sorry for the error! Please immediately contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out. To help us to resolve the issue quickly please add your order number and a photo of the incorrectly-delivered product.

I love nature, how sustainable is PLNTS packaging?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We love plants (and nature), and our goal is to become 100% sustainable. Unfortunately finding the right sustainable packaging is still a real challenge but we are constantly trying to improve. All of our packaging is made from water bottles and other recycled materials. Have a look at the environment page to find out more.

I’ve sent an email to the, how quickly can I expect a response?

That’s excellent! We love hearing from the PLNTS’ community. Though, as much as we would love to, we aren’t always able to answer queries as quickly as we would like. But we strive to respond within 48 hours.

Should the plug of the plant be removed before I plant it?

We hear this a lot. We recommend leaving the plug to avoid damaging your PLNTS’ roots. Don’t worry, all of our plugs are 100% biodegradable meaning they won’t harm the earth!

The PLNTS I want are out of stock. When will they be back?

We try to replenish our supplies of PLNTS and supplies every week, but sometimes it can take a little longer. However for all out-of-stock items you will see an option to leave us your email address. If you do this you will automatically receive a message from us when the item is back in stock!

What does the shipping of my PLNTS cost?

All orders over 75 euros are shipped free of charge. Orders of less than 75 euros are charged shipping at standard rates. Simply enter your address details during checkout and the shipping costs will be calculated and added to your order.

What is the difference between BabyPLNTS, MiniPLNTS and PLNTS?

Our Baby Plants travel with what we call a “growth plug”, which is a biodegradable net to protect roots and keep soil together. They do not arrive with a nursery pot. As soon as you receive your Baby Plant, submerge its growth plug in water for 10 minutes before potting it to make sure it’s had plenty to drink. To give your plant the best start, we recommend a pot with a diameter of 9cm. Our Mini Plants arrive in a small nursery pot which they will be happy in for a little while, at least until they’ve grown a bit. We recommend that you transfer them into a pot of 11 cm when you’re able to. Our larger PLNTS (which come in M, L and XL sizes) are already all grown up and they’re comfortably at home in their plastic pot, so instead of worrying about repotting you can just go straight ahead and place them, pot and all, inside a decorative outer pot. We sell a whole range of unique designs in our online store, or you can go thrifting to find something completely you!

What is the difference between Cutting Soil and Potting Soil?

Cutting soil is engineered to have a very fine, compact and regular structure which is designed to support little roots by ensuring an even water and food supply and preventing dehydration. Once a cutting is fully rooted you can transfer your plant to normal potting soil. The normal potting soil can be used for both the BabyPLNTS (when your plant is a bit larger) and for larger PLNTS.

Which BabyPLNTS are included in the starter set?

This depends on the selection you make when you order the set, but you will always find a standard set of items; three healthy, cute baby plants, three small (9cm) terracotta pots with saucers, a bag of specially-formulated cutting soil, three water meters to make sure they get the water they need, and a special nutritional additive that you can add to their water to help them grow. It’s a perfect kit for starting your own PLNTS collection or for gifting to somebody else.

Which mail carriers do you use abroad?

We currently ship our packages with PostNL, DHL and DPD. Outside of The Netherlands we rely on the various partners of PostNL. You can see which carrier will deliver your package by checking the tracking code. If there is a problem or delay with the delivery, please contact our support team by emailing so that we can help out. Where possible please include the order number in your email so that we can help you extra quickly!

Why haven’t I received a confirmation email yet?

After making a payment you will always receive a confirmation e-mail from us, so if the email does not arrive it’s likely that either there was an error in your email address, or our mail ended up in your spam folder. If you cannot find the confirmation email please contact our support team by emailing with a screenshot of your payment so that we can help out.

Will I get exactly the same plant as in the product photo?

Our PLNTS are grown naturally in our greenhouse so depending on the season, the weather, the parent plant and the age of the plant, the actual PLNT you will receive might vary a bit from what you see in the picture on the online store. In this way every PLNT is a unique object, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Will my order be affected by any delays relating to COVID-19?

Despite the enormous impact of the COVID-19 virus, your order will still be shipped and delivered as promised. Our deliveries are occasionally taking slightly longer than normal, because of the additional safety precautions taken by mail carriers. We highly recommend that you give your home address for delivery, as pick-up points may close unexpectedly during this period of uncertainty.

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