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Sie wollen es so schnell wie möglich? Wir sagen Ihnen Bescheid, wenn sie wieder da ist!
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The Stephania erecta is the perfect plant for patient plant parents who do not want to miss a single moment of their plant children’s life. The Stephania erecta (also known as Stephania pierrei) is a caudex plant, which means she grows from an above-ground bulb. You receive her as a bulb and help her grow into a beautiful, rare plant with coin-shaped leaves. This means that you are part of her life from the very beginning, so you will actually be there when she grows her first leaf! Isn’t that special? The bulb from which the Stephania eventually grows is reminiscent of a potato, which is she is nicknamed 'Holy Potato' and sometimes even ‘Dirty Potato’. With a good amount of patience and love, you’ll grow her into a beautiful caudex plant with thin, delicate vines and striking leaves. She has middle to bright green peltate leaves with clearly visible almost white veins. Please note that you will receive a bulb that you’ll sprout and grow into a beautiful caudex plant yourself.

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