Leo Pot Brown

Ø 12 cm

Leo Pot Brown
Leo Pot Brown€19.95
Ø 12 cm


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Pflanzen für diese Topfgröße:

Philodendron Birkin
    Über diesen Topf

    We love autumn for its beautiful seasonal colours, the warm earthy tones of the summer season become a little deeper. See the Leo pot, the warmth that its colours bring create a relaxed and natural cosy atmosphere at home. Leo is a handmade ceramic pot, which makes each one unique. The relief in the outside of the pot is also reminiscent of the leaves that fall from the trees in autumn, this gives it a soothing vibe. The Leo pot has a diameter of 14 centimeters and a height of 14 centimeters. Perfect for the Medium PLNTS.

    • Durchmesser12cm
    • Höhe14cm

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