Bubbly Cube Candle Soy

Bubbly Würfelkerze Soja

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Is your urban jungle full of trendy plants but could use some cosiness? Bubbly comes to the rescue. Its unique and striking appearance makes it a real trendsetter and makes your green corner shine even more. The bubble cube candle is handmade and consists entirely of soy wax. Bubbly is available in off-white, taupe, green and blossom and not only that, it also has a smaller brother in the same colours. They make a very cute match together with the knot candle Kai next to it.

Colour: off-white
Fragrance: unscented
Fragrance strength: -
Dimensions: 6 cm x 6 cm
Ingredients: 100% soya wax
Burning time: 8
Eco-friendly, vegan & plant-based